Center for Planned Change: The Definition of Change
Center for Planned Change: The Definition of Change


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The Definition of Change

Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary defines  "change" as:

  • to make [radically] different
  • to give a different position, course, or direction to
  • to replace with another
  • to make a shift from one to another
  • to exchange for an equivalent sum or comparable item
  • to undergo a modification of
  • to undergo transformation, transition or substitution

The ultimate challenge is to attain your full potential.

Attaining your full potential requires change. Whether it's personal change or work change, making a change requires learning new skills and a new way of doing things. If making changes were easy, then perhaps the definition of change wouldn't include "to make radically different" and the word "transformation".

Maybe you  feel stuck or trapped. Maybe you are neither happy nor fulfilled—at home, at work or within yourself. Perhaps you feel there is no way out. And while that’s a very discouraging place to be, it's also the ideal starting point for creating radical work change or change in your personal life. Ironically, being stuck is the perfect place to begin your [#4 definition of change] transformation.

The transformation process, this process of change and reaching your full potential, goes far beyond the casual changes involved when making a "change of pace" style of change.  Instead, this transformational process of change is like peeling an onion.  The process of change proceeds through many different and varied stages of change.

Judy Smith can help you successfully navigate this complex and complicated process of real and lasting change. 

The change process begins with the knowledge that you are a fully capable person. Judy doesn’t focus on “fixing what’s wrong” but instead focuses upon your inherent strengths and abilities. To affect a positive change, we will concentrate on enhancing your strengths, and teaching you how to let these strengths lead you to your goals.

While you may not have been born with the ability to achieve your full potential, the good news is the skills you need can be learned.


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“ I provide the guidance, support, and enthusiasm that allows you to reach the goals you have for yourself. If you’re willing to do some work, I’ll be with you every step of the way. You’ll be amazed at the power you have to make changes in your life!” --Judy Smith, RCC

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