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Programs that enhance the potential of older Americans are preventive medicine. Research shows that people engaged in work and relationships, shorten the period of frailty in later life. Without such opportunities, older individuals are at greater risk for losing their vitality…and their health. --Judy Smith, RCC



Judy has a special interest in helping older adults ward off the negativity associated with aging, and create lives with more depth and meaning.

If you’re 50 or better, Judy can help you become happier, healthier and more alive by showing you how to:

  • Increase your sense of belonging
  • Diminish the effects of ageism
  • Develop a can-do spirit of optimism
  • Rekindle a spirit of risk-taking
  • Publish your story (Guided Autobiography)
  • Find volunteer work you love
  • Renew your zest for education
  • Find a new career
  • Develop a hobby
  • Take a holistic route to a healthier life
  • Navigate the healthcare system
With her professional skills and the perspective of a wise outsider, Judy knows how to encourage the actions that will move you toward a life that will make the most of maturity.
Center for Planned Change
tel.: 301.990.9072
fax: 240.403.3349

"We need a different “map” of aging.
Yes, aging is about loss and depression.
But it’s also about enlightenment, renewal and wisdom.
The model needs to be one of continual reinvention.
-- Ken Dychtwald, President of Age Wave


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