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“A good coach begins with the knowledge that you are a fully capable person. We don’t focus on “fixing what’s wrong.” We concentrate on enhancing your strengths, and teaching you how to let these strengths lead you to your goals.” --Judy Smith, RCC

Everyone wants a life that is productive, dynamic, and joyful. Yet few ever find the kind of happiness that comes from living a truly balanced life. How close are you?

Life Balance Wheel
Each of the 8 spokes represents a key area in your life.
Reflect on each of these areas, and make an X over the number that best represents your level of satisfaction.
1 = extremely dissatisfied,
7 = extremely satisfied.

Now, connect the Xs to form a wheel. This wheel is your life. How easily does it roll? Imagine how much smoothly your wheel would roll if you were to raise your satisfaction level with the spokes that arent meeting your expectations!

Judy uses a set of special tools to gain insight into the challenges you wish to address. By asking powerful questions and actively listening to your answers, she will help you develop an action plan to reach the goals you have set for yourself.

Center for Planned Change
tel.: 301.990.9072
fax: 240.403.3349

Judy can work with you to:

  • Create work and life balance
  • Handle the challenges of a 2 career family
  • Navigate successfully through times of transition
  • Be more assertive without being aggressive
  • Become better organized and more efficient
  • Reduce stress and manage your time more efficiently
  • Discover the hidden blocks which stand between you and your full potential.



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